Trials and Temptations

This class examines the origin, definition, and purpose of trials and temptations.  This includes  exploring various trials Christians may face and strategies for enduring them.  It also explores the types of temptations Christians can face, Biblical and worldly strategies for resisting temptations, what to do if we fail, and the danger of habitual sin.

Beyond the Sunset

This is a series of classes based on Perry B. Cotham’s book by the same title.   Since this class runs during the summer quarter when VBS takes place, this will only be a 12-week study.  Lord willing, it will cover what happens at death, where our spirits go, the end of the age, and the final judgment. 

Is God in Control

This is a series of classes loosely based on Jerry Bridge’s book Is God Really in Control?: Trusting God in a World of Hurt. 


From devastating natural disasters to deadly highway accidents, tragedies occur every day around the world and in our own lives. As we face death, grief, loss, we become angry and our faith is tested as we ask, "Is God really in control?"  This class will wrestle with some tough questions in the clear light of the scriptures, and present God's wisdom, love, and sovereignty in the midst of the little disappointments and the big tragedies that we all face. 

Why it Matters What You Believe

The idea for this study came from a series of sermons that Cecil Hutson, a preacher for the Katy church of Christ, put together.


Many people think it doesn’t matter what we believe about certain topics as long as we believe in God; however, it does matter what we believe about some fundamental things like the Bible, faith, morality, as well as contemporary issues like drinking, cohabitation, and women’s role in the church.